No Go * (Star)

FAQ – No-Go-* as Project

Intro, Goals

  • Q A1: What do you want to accomplish with No-Go-*?
    • Short A: Open source developer/tech community to end cyberwar and damage from malware.
      Longer A: …
  • Q A2: Who is the founder of No-Go-*?
    • Short A: Erland Wittkoetter, Ph.D., a tech enthusiast and optimist about humanity’s future.
      Longer A: …
  • Q A3: What makes No-Go-* unique?
    • Short A: New paradigms in cybersecurity; assumes worse adversaries than we currently have
      Longer A: …
  • Q A4: Why do you call the project No-Go-*?
    • Short A: No-Go means “stop”, and * is a placeholder
      Longer A: …
  • Q A5: What are your short and long-term development goals?
    • Short A: Initially – ending cyberwar; long-term: security guardrails against AI/ASI misuse
      Longer A: …
  • Q A6: Why is No-Go-* a grassroots community project?
    • Short A: It’s an efficient strategy to get required tech progress in cybersecurity fast
      Longer A: …
  • Q A7: Is ending cyberwar and making cyber weapons ineffective even achievable?
  • Q A8: Could you stop cybercrime?
    • Short A: Yes, but not comprehensively – it will adapt to new (less-tech) vulnerabilities
      Longer A: …
  • Q A9: Do you stop deep-fakes?
  • Q A10: Could cybercrime get worse?
    • Short A: Yes, much worse – think of e-Commerce, vulnerabilities of logistics
    • Longer A: …

Anticipated Results

  • Q A11: Could your (anticipated) success be only a short-lived victory?
    • Short A: Yes, it could; progress needs to be solidified via follow-up solutions
      Longer A: …
  • Q A12: Why are we vulnerable in a cyberwar, and how can this be changed?
    • Short A: We are currently unprotected against every (undetected) vulnerability of every app
      Longer A: …
  • Q A13: Will No-Go-* end the use of drones in war?
  • Q A14: Will your security approach work?
    • Short A: Yes; because fundamentals principles could help defender
      Longer A: …
  • Q A15: Can No-Go-*™ remove all nations’ abilities to wage cyberwar?
    • Short A: No. Propaganda, disinformation, or weaponization of social media remains
      Longer A: …
  • Q A16: Do you anticipate the project could fail in delivering on its promise?
    • Short A: Not with a global dev-/tech-community supporting it
      Longer A: ...
  • Q A17: When can you deliver results/products?
    • Short A: This depends on many factors; we prefer to delay an answer to that
      Longer A: …
  • Q A18: Could there be other solutions to end cyberwar or cybercrime?

Advanced Adversaries

  • Q A19: Are there worse adversaries than nation states developing malware?
    • Short A: Yes – malicious Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) developed by criminals
      Longer A: …
  • Q A20: Can No-Go-* prevent future threats from Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)?
    • Short A: Yes – but we must prepare ourselves for unsafe ASI
      Longer A: …
  • Q A21: How dangerous could ASI become?
    • Short A: Unknowable – but how bad could a criminal utilization of ASI by dictators be?
      Longer A: …
  • Q A22: Can we control ASI or protect humanity from malicious ASI?
    • Short A: Tentatively, yes, but we have no protection without (serious) preparation
      Longer A: ...
  • Q A23: How could you know that No-Go-Security™ is also effective against ASI?
    • Short A: With proactive and preventative security, we have a good chance of achieving that
      Longer A: …
  • Q A24: Could ASI still be dangerous despite No-Go-Security™ and guardrails?
    • Short A: Yes. Nukes remain nukes; it doesn’t matter if they are being safely handled
      Longer A: …
  • Q A25: Do you expect we could regulate progress toward ASI?
  • Q A26: Are we too late in preparing for threats from ASI?
    • Short A: Not yet (hopefully) – but we are (likely) close to “too late”
      Longer A: …
  • Q A27: What could we do if ASI is already in our IT ecosystem?
    • Short A: We need to start from the assumption that we are too late anyway
      Longer A: …
  • Q A28: Why do you “believe” ASI could become a loyal companion?
    • Short A: ASI should serve us all – we need to make it safe for that
      Longer A: …


  • Q A29: Will No-Go-* operate as a business?
  • Q A30: How is or will No-Go-* initially be funded?
  • Q A31: What kind of help does No-Go-* need?
  • Q A32: How will you spend money received by the community?
  • Q A33: Will No-Go-* file for 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status?
  • Q A34: What will be licensed?
    • Short A: Yes; 3rd parties selling products (not services) that contain No-Go-* (community) IP
      Longer A: …
  • Q A35: Why is No-Go-* seeking trademarks?
    • Short A: With Trademarks, we can enhance trust in No-Go implementations
      Longer A: …
  • Q A36: How does No-Go-* pay for its online services?
  • Q A37: What is the business Vision of No-Go-*?
    • Short A: As a resource hub; we teach advanced No-Go/cybersecurity tech
      Longer A: …
  • Q A38: Does No-Go-* want to hire software developers?
    • Short A: Yes, and we want the private sector finds dev-/tech-talents easily
      Longer A: …
  • Q A39: Will No-Go-* for-profit spin-offs?
  • Q A40: Who do you want to attract into the No-Go-Community?
    • Short A: Devs/techs who feel “called” to be part of it – who see their opportunity to …
      Longer A: ...
  • Q A41: Who should care about this project?


New Questions

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