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What we are trying to achieve:

  • Mitigating damages from malware of any type
  • Ending nations’ ability to wage cyberwar
  • Providing guardrails against super-smart AI
  • Having proactive and preventative security for crypto keys/unit

It’s quite a list of problems! The good thing is that they are strongly interconnected – if we solve one, we are close to solving the others. As an engineer, you will understand that explaining solution(s) is not (always) easy. Later, when more understand the solutions, they will be explained better – This is a team sport.

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Reading through the FAQs (PDF of FAQ) is the fastest way to get up to speed.


Content is a around the following topics

  • Cybersecurity – TLDR: New foundation for improved (data) security
  • Trustworthy Encryption – TLDR: no Key in cleartext, key safes, and protected executions of keys
  • No-Go-Malware  – TLDR: Whitelisting apps via Executable-Watchdogs 
  • No-Go-Ransomware – TLDR: Protection of user content via Content-Watchdogs
  • No-Go-Spyware – TLDR: Local Firewall using Network-Watchdogs
  • ASI Safety – TLDR: How to stop super-smart AI (ASI)
  • Cross-Topic – TLDR: FAQ, Manifesto, etc. Postings:

Hacker-AI are feasible and could be used by humans (or by nations waging cyberwar) to hack software low-level via Reverse Code Engineering (RCE) methods. I have 3 posts on Hacker-AI on

Hacker AI is summarized in this 1 page PDF