No Go * (Star)


Ending Nations’ Abilities to Wage Cyberwar

This is not just a wish – this is a call for action: we can make it happen in a developer community !

The dev goal in simple terms: creating an overkill in security without bothering users at all. Unattainable? No.

Why? Check out

  • Manifesto
    • TLDR: We can stop nations from waging cyberwar; we could limit cybercrime. Proposing a grassroots community of developers that can drive this anti-war effort project to a successful and rapid conclusion.
    • In 1 PDF file: Manifesto_3pg.pdf
  • Founder’s Personal Reasons
    • TLDR: Stop nation’s ability to wage cyberwar is just the first step to preparing the IT ecosystem for having ASI highly beneficial and less risky to humanity
    • In 1 PDF file: Reason_4_NoGoStar.2pg.pdf

Hmmm … I heard some “harsh words


  • No-Go-* is designed to be Grassroots Development Community
    • A super-brief overview on the tech-solution (à 1 Page PDF)
  • Short/Next Steps
    • We need expertise, (tech/team) leadership, and money
  • Please consider becoming a member/Patreon for $10 (or more)
  • For more info, you can read our Articles (publication/release scheduled) or sign-up to get access to all articles/docs immediately within the Vault.
    • You can also check out our FAQ, which is likely the fastest way to get up to speed.