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About Us

Ending nations’ ability to wage cyberwar?
Is this even possible?

Yes, it is possible! Remember rootkits? If not, they were a serious security threat. Now, it’s gone. We can do the same with Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, and even Backdoors.

How: With new paradigms: Not with blacklisting, but with white/graylisting (see more in the FAQs) and other proactive/ preventative methods that will give defenders an advantage over adversaries.

Result: No Malware. What remains is propaganda, disinformation, and weaponization of social media. So, too bad: some malicious cyber capabilities remain, but it’s a start.
What about cybercrime? Unfortunately, cybercrime is not just a tech problem; it’s mainly deception/dishonesty, issues that can’t be solved with tech alone.

BUT soon, we will have super-smart AI, AGI, or ASI. Criminals (and nation-states) will take advantage. Let’s imagine, AI could reverse code engineer any binary code and include malicious code anytime. Impossible? Nope, its feasible (even likely); it’s just a Next-Level Adversary feature. What could it do? Steal our keys (SSL/TLS session keys), misuse encryption, or hide as a digital ghost on our systems.

Who can change this: Engineers.   … and you by becoming a member/Patreon.

The founder of No-Go-* is Erland Wittkoetter, Ph.D. He is a physicist, mathematician, inventor, and entrepreneur. (More in FAQ:)

Soon, No-Go-* will have a team who will drive its mission and vision to its first success conclusion and then go even further to provide sustainable guardrails against unsafe/malicious AI/ASI.